About Me

Hiya guys!

Welcome to my groovy world!

My name is Shreeya.

I am a 17 year old student from England.
This blog is an outlet for me to share some of the things I get up to, mostly minor creative endeavors.

I currently go to sixth form college and am currently taking Maths, Physics, Art and History A-Levels. Eeeek. So a lot of my time is taken up with Homework and Revision.

More Interesting stuff about me:
Hobbies (other than what I post about): Reading, Eating, TV
Favourite Books: The Harry Potter Series, The Percy Jackson Series, The Septimus Heap Series, Little Women
Favourite TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, The Middle
https://www.facebook.com/mygroovyworldblog https://www.pinterest.com/Orangie333/

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